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Safely getting back to work in the new normal

Manpower Work Ready solutions help you evaluate, manage and reduce risk.


Now more than ever you must safeguard your most critical asset – your workforce. Manpower Work Ready services help to strengthen your organization’s response and recovery during and after a health crisis.

As we face new health and safety challenges in the workplace, lean on our knowledge, scalability and decades of proven expertise in minimizing risk for organizations in every industry.

Manpower Work Ready solutions help organizations to evaluate, manage and reduce risk.

Enhanced Onboarding

Work Ready means a 100% completion rate of enhanced safety onboarding mandatory for ALL Manpower Associates, so they join your team prepared to work safe.

New Protocols

Work Ready means that we will validate every work environment to confirm safety and establish heightened health protocols.  Our best practices promote hygiene and mitigate risk.

Wellness Screenings

Work Ready means every Manpower Associate has been vetted through an exposure risk assessment process.


Work Ready Staffing Solutions Include

Health Survey Collector

Knowing who is at your worksites can help you mitigate risk.  As health questionnaires become standard practice, let us provide trained associates for survey completion, and follow up.​

Temperature Screeners

Confirming healthy body temperature levels across your workforce is a part of our new normal. Let us provide trained associates to administer this process and keep your workers safe.  ​

Sanitation Resources

Work Environment cleanliness now serves as a crucial component of a safe workplace.  Let our Work Ready sanitization resources help ensure your organization is protected for whatever comes your way.

Contact Tracing

When exposure occurs, it is vital to quickly trace its path, collect data, then seek and notify individuals at risk, limiting the spread of contagions through fast action and early intervention. Let us supply associates for your Contact Tracer needs.


Protect your worksites and the people in them.

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But Wait, There's More!

Flexible Staffing- Achieving flexibility and predictability in your workforce with skilled talent just when you need them


Onsite Management- A managed workforce embedded in your operations delivered through a dedicated team


Permanent Hiring- Tapping into our strong relationships with passive talent to recruit the best employees for your team


Project Staffing- Helping clients complete mission critical work with skilled people