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Benefit from workforce solutions tailored to your sector.

Positions Placed Include:

  • Airport
  • Budget office
  • Community service board
  • County attorney's office
  • County executive's office
  • Emergency services departments
  • Human resources
  • Library system
  • Mayor's office
  • Parks department
  • Public works department
  • Social services
  • Voter registration
  • Water system management

Manpower partners with federal, state, and local government agencies by developing and implementing workforce solutions that solve critical talent challenges within the government sector. From Public Works to Administrative Services, Manpower can help you meet your workload challenges, improve efficiency and productivity and control labor costs. We even partner with the public workforce system by helping people with barriers to employment find sustainable, career-track jobs. Our innovative workforce solutions extend from large scale, end-to-end managed programs, to partnership situations with one or multiple different agencies.

Public Workforce Solutions

Promoting opportunity. Supporting businesses. Strengthening communities. We're in this together. There are many people today who seek fulfilling job opportunities but face a challenging environment for finding and keeping gainful employment. Many employers today face a "talent mismatch" - they are looking for, but just can't find qualified workers with the skill sets they need. That's where Manpower's dual customer focus - job seekers and employers - fosters transitions and success. We apply our expertise to deliver solutions that further the success of public workforce programs. From participant engagement to employer connections, work-readiness training to skill assessments, job placements to payroll services, we help get people working in the right jobs, at the right times, and help them continue on to careers where they can grow.

Local, State and Federal Government Solutions

With Manpower, governments are maintaining productivity and efficiency while controlling costs. Manpower associates can step in during planned and unplanned employee absences, and cover the resources gap during a lengthy hiring process. We partner with departments across city, county and state governments to develop temporary and permanent staffing strategies. And federal agencies, facing a wider range of responsibilities and significant workforce change, count on us to recruit and train larger numbers of permanent, contract and temporary staff. We have the industry experience to successfully work within administrative hiring regulations. And, our solutions enhance the public sector workforce with new skills, capacity and expertise.

Education Solutions

Schools and colleges use Manpower's flexible staffing solutions to cope with the pressures of increasing enrollment and decreasing budgets. Manpower provides administrative, maintenance, skilled trades and customer service associates to education institutions at all levels.

Supplier Diversity Program

Manpower's Supplier Diversity Program includes women, minority, veterans, disadvantaged and small business owners who share our mission of providing quality services to their customers. Working collaboratively with diversity suppliers, we create innovative workforce solutions that strengthen the economic wealth of our diverse business communities. Learn more.


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