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    ManpowerGroup Solutions

    ManpowerGroup Solutions is a global provider of customized, scalable solutions for workforce agility. For more than a decade, the world’s leading companies have turned to ManpowerGroup Solutions for Talent Based Outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Service Provider solutions and Borderless Talent Solutions. Learn More >
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    Experis is an operating division focused on contract and permanent job placements in areas such as information technology, engineering, finance and accounting, healthcare and business professional fields. Experis also provides employers with innovative workforce and project solutions to improve operational efficiency, performance and cost containment.
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    Manpower is a world leader in employment services, creating and delivering services that enable job seekers and employers to win in the changing world of work. Founded in 1948, Manpower creates ideal temporary and permanent employment matches across skill, industry and business need, and provides workforce solutions to improve operational efficiency, performance and cost containment.
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    Right Management

    Right Management is the global career and talent development expert within ManpowerGroup. We help organizations become more agile, attractive and innovative by creating a culture of career management and learning that nurtures future talent, motivates and engages people, and provides individuals with opportunities to increase their value throughout their careers.
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The impossible has happened. A lawyer is doing something for free. Check out Manpower's Employment Blawg: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Employment Law (But Didn't Want to Pay a Lawyer to Ask). Chief Legal Officer for Manpower North America, Mark Toth, selflessly donated billable hours to create his Employment Blawg just to help professionals like you stay out of trouble and gainfully employed.

In his uniquely entertaining style, Mark delivers up-to-the minute information on employment law, plenty of practical tools and lots of laughs at the expense of his profession. (And yours. And Elvis.) Arm yourself with insights to prevent mistakes without being bombarded by legalese, legal fees and without falling asleep.

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Career Coach

When you're stumped for career advice, turn to your coach - your Career Coach. We're here to provide you with the latest and greatest career tips and info to help you succeed in today's complicated and competitive world of work. We're also here to offer encouragement. The job market can be a crazy place, let us help you figure it out. So, get comfortable.

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You're smart. You know it. We know it. But are you smart when it comes to your career? It's tough to keep up with the latest trends, tools and technologies related to finding, keeping and having a successful career. That's where we come in - let us be your CareerBrain. You'll get access to our knowledge of job trends, markets, industries and people. Let's put the CareerBrain to work.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions.

Just became a Manpower associate? Get better acquainted by reviewing frequently asked questions. And remember: your Manpower representative is always happy to address any questions or concerns.

How do I apply for a new assignment online?

If you've found a job you are interested in, click the "Apply Now" button on the right side of your screen. If the opportunity is a good fit for you, a Manpower representative will contact you to discuss next steps, which may include a face-to-face interview.

What do I need to do to prepare for my assignment?

Your Manpower Representative will provide you with all the details needed to prepare you and make you comfortable for your assignment, such as a job description, work guidelines and first day instructions. Want to make a great first impression? Get some helpful advice in our Career Resources section.

What should I bring with me my first day on assignment?

Please bring information on your employer, your job description and a copy of Manpower’s Associate Handbook. Do not bring direct deposit or IRS forms with you – these should be provided directly to your Manpower Representative.

What if I have questions about my assignment?

First, be sure you've read, and are comfortable with, the job description provided to you, as well as the policies and procedures outlined in the Associate Handbook. If you still have any questions prior to or during your assignment, please contact your Manpower Representative.

When do I get paid?

Manpower's weekly payday is Friday. For your convenience, we offer complimentary direct deposit payment, which ensures prompt payment and saves you valuable time.

What if I need to cancel my assignment?

If there's any reason you can't show up to work or need to cancel your assignment, please promptly contact your Manpower representative.

What benefits am I eligible for?

Manpower offers associates the opportunity to earn some of the most comprehensive benefits in the industry, including health benefits, training, and the opportunity to earn paid holidays and referral bonuses. You can find general information on Manpower's benefits in the Associates Benefits section. Please note: Benefits may vary by location. Please speak with your local Manpower Representative to confirm your eligibility for our benefits program.

Does Manpower continue to support me after I start a job?

YES. While your supervisor at the work site is your resource for daily work-related questions, Manpower is your employer and is available to support you if you have any questions or concerns that are HR related.

What do I do when I finish an assignment?

Your Manpower Representative will be aware of your status, and will continuously work to place you on new assignments. Please let us know if there is any change in your availability, and remember to update your profile on to include your recent job experience and any new skills you've gained.

How do I refer people I know to Manpower?

We greatly value your help in referring talented individuals to become Manpower Associates. In some areas, there are opportunities to receive a referral bonus. Information on Manpower's referral program will be provided to you in your orientation materials.

What kind of career development resources does Manpower offer?

Manpower offers Job Seekers and Manpower Associates industry-leading career growth resources, such as help with career planning, and resume writing and interview preparation. Associates can also take advantage of our online training platform, powerYOU. powerYOU provides free access to thousands of online learning courses to advance Associates’ skills and make them more marketable. You can also get great information and advice online in our Career Resources section.

How does Manpower protect my personal information?

Manpower cares about your privacy and goes to great lengths to ensure confidentiality. For more information, review our privacy policy.

What types of positions are available for me?

Manpower offers permanent, temporary, and temporary to permanent employment opportunities for a wide range of skill sets and in a variety of industries. Check out our Work Options and Job Categories.

What is the job placement process?

We remain alert to job opportunities in all areas we service - both immediate and future hiring needs. If your skills and your interests fit the types of positions we place, we'll invite you to go through different screening steps, including a thorough interview. This information helps us better match you to companies that seek your skills and background and opportunities that fit your career goals. Once we find an assignment for you, we'll make certain you're thoroughly prepared for on the job success. You can also search for jobs yourself here.

How do I register on to create a profile and search for jobs?

Registering, or creating your own personal account, is easy. We recommend visiting often to view the most current opportunities - and to update your profile to reflect any changes in your experience and qualifications. Get started here.

What if I forget my account password?

Simply click here to retrieve your password. After entering your login information, your password will be sent to your e-mail address on file.

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